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FYM Public Forums and Conscious Community Workshops

The Free Your Mind Forum is an innovative organization that provides both community centered and private diversity coaching. 

Our primary objective is promoting  race-based dialogue, human understanding, cultural collaboration and social healing.


FYM 'Racism Rehab" Private Coaching

Some "Diversity Situations" Call For A Little Discretion...

We understand that circumstances don’t always allow our clients to  openly participate in a public forum or group setting. That’s why we offer coaching & advice that is completely private, discreet and  strictly confidential.


Our D&I experts approach every situation with an open mind, and compassion. We provide the guidance and support necessary to help clients achieve lasting change and live their lives free of racially-motivated fear, negative bias and microaggressions.

Private Coaching is available on a private-pay  basis, eliminating the need for insurance claims that can violate the confidentiality of your treatment.


The FYM "Real Talk Roundtable" and Multi-Cultural Mentorship Initiative

Understanding other cultures can be very difficult; and Overcoming Stereotypes is easier said than done. The FYM Forum knows it and we're doing something about it.  Join us at the "Real Talk Roundtable."  

Each month we invite you to join us at a different location for "Multi-Cultural" Cuisine, Connection and Conscious Conversation.  

We are all about putting diversity and inclusion to work!  So don't just talk about it - Be About It! 

Become a FYM Diversity Mentor. Enlighten someone, Enrich your life and Transform the world.

Join A Movement That Matters!




The Free Your Mind Forum Inc. is dedicated to delivering  community centered diversity and inclusion education, culturally infused  entertainment and open forum networking events. Our objective is to  promote race-based dialogue, understanding, collaboration and social  healing.

“Free Your Mind” is more than a networking mixer or panel discussion.  It is a National Initiative, Ongoing Educational Series, Cultural  Collaboration & an Infusion of Inclusion – all constructed in an  environment of entertainment, education, enlightenment and engagement.

Our attendees benefit from customized diversity curriculum  designed by D & I Experts that help discover, discuss & dissolve  the barriers, biases & beliefs that perpetuate the racial  disharmonies that plague our societies.

Free Your Mind Events cater to “Everyday People.” People with a vision  & who are passionate about diversity, inclusion and committed to  justice for all, social change and equality. People who want to leave  our country and communities better than the way we found it.

“We believe community dialogue is vital to effecting change.  The FREE YOUR MIND Forum will provide a “virtual vehicle” on the journey  to better understanding of ourselves and each other.”


The FYM National Chapters Program


FYM Chapters are available to Schools, Churches,  Libraries, Community Centers, College Campuses, Companies, Teams,  Non-profit Organizations.

The FYM National Chapters Program work to educate Game Changers to become compassionate, culturally competent Inclusion Ambassadors.

FYM Inclusion Ambassadors will in turn support & direct their  communities on the road to Diversity, Inclusion and Dialogue.  


Free Your Mind Friday's - Live

The Free Your Mind Live is a dynamic Diversity & Inclusion Forum and Networking Experience with an interactive “Talk Show” format. 

Our topics are Present-Day, Relevant & Culturally Enlightening. We combine the magic of Music, Entertainers,  Multi-Media, Keynote Speakers & Audience Participation to fulfill this Trailblazing Mission. 

Regularly scheduled events take place on 3rd Fridays from 5-9pm. Stay tuned to our events page for more details.

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For more information or for scholarship requests, send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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